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  • Filtral Fountain Nozzle Kit

  • The OASE Filtral Fountain Nozzle Kit can be used to provide an attractive water display within the pond, when connected and screwed to the top outlet of the Filtral all-in-one pond filters.  The Nozzle Kit features two adjustable valves for controlling the amount of water being supplied to the fountain display or the horizontal water outlet.  The fountain display will help to add small amounts of vital oxygen to the water surface which pond inhabitants will benefit from.

    • Optional Fountain Kit with 3 x 1/2" nozzle patterns
    • Includes telescopic extension and T-piece for fountain height adjustment.
    • Valved flow control to adjust fountain pattern
    • Fountains add vital oxygen to ponds
    • Includes additional valved outlet for a small waterfall
    • Suitable for use with the OASE Filtral 3000 UVCFiltral 6000 UVC and Filtral 9000 UVC filters.
    • Also suitable with the Aquarius Fountain Pump Sets 100015002500 & 3500 models.
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    £12.00 inc. VAT

    £10.00 exc. VAT

Filtral Fountain Nozzle Kit includes Vulkan, Lava and Magma fountain nozzles.

Can be used with the OASE Filtral 3000 UVC,  Filtral 6000 UVC and  Filtral 9000 UVC in-pond filters.

Compatible replacement nozzle assembly for Aquarius Fountain Pump Sets 1000, 1500, 2500 & 3500 models.

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