Gun Applicator for 24oz Black Waterfall Foam - Water Garden
  • Gun Applicator for Waterfall Foam

  • The Gun Applicator is designed for use with the 24oz Gun Grade Waterfall Foam and Oase FoamFix.  This high quality, reusable metal gun is designed for accurate application of the landscaping foam.  The amount of foam required can be easily adjusted, offering professional and accurate dispensing.

    The extended nozzle tip measures approx. 17cm in length, allowing crevices to be easily accessed for filling with foam.

    The Gun Applicator can be cleaned and flushed through using the Gun & Expanding Foam Cleaner, ready for the next project.

  • QTY

    £27.00 inc. VAT

    £22.50 exc. VAT

Gun Applicator for Waterfall Foam

  • £27.00 inc. VAT

    £22.50 exc. VAT

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