• FM Master WLAN Smart Control

  • The OASE InScenio FM Master WLAN enables wireless Wi-Fi control of pond and garden equipment via your Smart Phone or Tablet.  The controller is compatible with iOS and android operating systems and Oase offer a detailed downloadable app which is available on the Apple Store or GooglePlay.

    The intelligent controller can be directly connected with up to 4 electrical devices for on/off control, one of which also features a 'dimmable' function, making this ideal for wireless electronic control of pumped water flow, or fountain display height adjustment on compatible asynchronous pond pumps.  As the water flow rate is electronically reduced, power consumption will also be reduced accordingly.  Compatible OASE Pumps include the Aquamax Eco Premium 4000 - 20000, Aquamax Dry 6000 - 16000, Aquarius Fountain Pump Sets 4000 - 12000 and the Pond Jet Classic Floating Fountain.

    In additional to the 4 x WLAN controlled outlets, a 5th outlet is also supplied which can be used to control the brand new Aquamax Eco Titanium 50000 Pump, Aquamax Eco Expert 21000 & Eco Expert 26000 Pumps (OASE DMX Cable required - not supplied).  The DMX-RDM connection can be used to control the pump flow rate but will also provide real-time information via the smart device app as to how the pump is performing with power consumption feedback.

    The FM-Master WLAN is supplied with a sturdy ground spike for secure anchoring of the controller and a water spray-resistant top cover allowing the unit to be permanently installed outdoors.  The optional InScenio Sand Rock Cover can also be used to disguise the controller from view if preferred.

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FM-Master WLAN Garden Remote Controller - Technical Details

FM master WLAN Technical Details

InScenio FM Master WLAN Installation Recommendations

The OASE app is designed for smart mobile devices with an operating system of iOS 7.x or higher and Android 4.0.3 or higher.  OASE will continue to update the app with valuable content as this becomes available and an automatic notification for the free download update will be presented.  It is recommended that the WLAN controller is placed in an unobstructed area outdoors, to maximise the potential range between the smart device and the WLAN controller.

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FM Master WLAN Smart Control

  • £379.99 inc. VAT

    £316.66 exc. VAT

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