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  • Diffused Lake Aeration System

  • This highly efficient lake aerating system features a land based air compressor and one submerged 2 disc air diffuser manifold for effective, non-intrusive aeration of lakes and large ponds.

    • Ideal for large water bodies such as ornamental lakes, fisheries, effluent ponds and golf courses
    • Minimal visual disturbance of the lake water surface
    • Minimal water evaporation as no water is ejected into the air
    • Helps to break down temperature layering of warmer surface water, minimising algal growth
    • Effectively circulates the entire water body
    • Rising air columns oxygenate the water, assisting bacteria which feed on algae and organic nutrients
    • Operating depths from 1 metre (4ft) down to 12 metres (40ft). Greater depths can also be catered for.
    • Submersed disc air diffusers are virtually maintenance free
    • No electrical parts entering the water, safe for recreational use in swim ponds
    • Robust, quiet, weatherproof air pump is extremely energy efficient with minimal running costs
    • Single phase, 230 volt air pump makes installation more practical
    • Multiple ponds or lakes can be aerated via one single air pump feeding multiple air diffusers.
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  • Quantity:

    £3,672.00 inc. VAT

    £3,060.00 exc. VAT

  • The following items might also be of use to you

    Accessories for Increased System Performance on Large or Shallow Lakes
    Diffuser Manifold with 2 Disc Air Diffusers

    £384.00 inc. VAT

    £320.00 exc. VAT

    Weighted Air Hose (30 Metres)

    £250.80 inc. VAT

    £209.00 exc. VAT

    Unweighted Air Hose (30 Metres)

    £112.80 inc. VAT

    £94.00 exc. VAT

    2 Outlet Air Valve Manifold

    £166.80 inc. VAT

    £139.00 exc. VAT

    3 Outlet Air Valve Manifold

    £208.80 inc. VAT

    £174.00 exc. VAT

  • The system becomes more effective the deeper the air diffusers are submerged. This lake aeration system is capable of aerating the following lake sizes:
    • Up to 2,023m² lake surface area at 2.4m - 7.9m diffuser installation depth
    • Up to 4,027m² lake surface area at 4.3m - 7.9m diffuser installation depth
    • Up to 12,140m² lake surface area at 5.8m - 12.2m diffuser installation depth

    The capability of the system can be increased to suit larger water bodies by connecting additional diffuser manifolds.

  • The Standard Diffused Lake Aeration System includes the following:

  • Weatherproof, stainless steel housed air compressor
  • Submersible air manifold featuring 2 large disc air diffusers
  • 30 metre un-weighted air hose for land based air transportation
  • 30 metre weighted air hose for underwater air transportation
  • Valved manifold box for air flow control and hose connection
  • 30 metres of 230 Volt / Single Phase power connecting cable

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