• Diffused Lake Aeration System

  • This highly efficient lake aerating system features a land based air compressor and one submerged 2 disc air diffuser manifold for effective, non-intrusive aeration of lakes and large ponds.

    • Ideal for large water bodies such as ornamental lakes, fisheries, effluent ponds and golf courses
    • Minimal visual disturbance of the lake water surface
    • Minimal water evaporation as no water is ejected into the air
    • Helps to break down temperature layering of warmer surface water, minimising algal growth
    • Effectively circulates the entire water body
    • Rising air columns oxygenate the water, assisting bacteria which feed on algae and organic nutrients
    • Operating depths from 1 metre (4ft) down to 12 metres (40ft). Greater depths can also be catered for.
    • Submersed disc air diffusers are virtually maintenance free
    • No electrical parts entering the water, safe for recreational use in swim ponds
    • Robust, quiet, weatherproof air pump is extremely energy efficient with minimal running costs
    • Single phase, 230 volt air pump makes installation more practical
    • Multiple ponds or lakes can be aerated via one single air pump feeding multiple air diffusers.
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    Weighted Air Hose (30 Metres)

    £250.80 inc. VAT

    £209.00 exc. VAT

    Unweighted Air Hose (30 Metres)

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  • The system becomes more effective the deeper the air diffusers are submerged. This lake aeration system is capable of aerating the following lake sizes:
    • Up to 2,023m² lake surface area at 2.4m - 7.9m diffuser installation depth
    • Up to 4,027m² lake surface area at 4.3m - 7.9m diffuser installation depth
    • Up to 12,140m² lake surface area at 5.8m - 12.2m diffuser installation depth

    The capability of the system can be increased to suit larger water bodies by connecting additional diffuser manifolds.

  • The Standard Diffused Lake Aeration System includes the following:

  • Weatherproof, stainless steel housed air compressor
  • Submersible air manifold featuring 2 large disc air diffusers
  • 30 metre un-weighted air hose for land based air transportation
  • 30 metre weighted air hose for underwater air transportation
  • Valved manifold box for air flow control and hose connection
  • 30 metres of 230 Volt / Single Phase power connecting cable

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Diffused Lake Aerator System – Technical Information

Air Compressor Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

813 x 643 x 496

Air Compressor Power Requirement

230V / 50Hz (single phase)

Air Compressor Power Consumption (watts)


Air Compressor Weight (kg)


Cable Length (metres)


Diffuser Manifold Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

817 x 672 x 190

Air Domes Diameter (mm)


Valve Box Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

410 x 530 x 330

Weighted Air Hose Internal Diameter (mm)


Weighted Air Hose Wall Thickness (mm)


Un-weighted Air Hose Internal Diameter (mm)


Un-weighted Air Hose Wall Thickness (mm)


System Guarantee

2 Years


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Performance Data

Performance Data

Diffused Lake Aerating System - Performance Data

The Diffused Lake Aerating System is supplied with a single air diffuser manifold featuring 4 self-cleaning air domes. Based on different depths of diffuser submersion, this system is suitable for aeration of the following lakes sizes (surface area).

Diffused Lake Aerating System (single 4 dome diffuser manifold)

Diffuser Submersion Depth

Maximum Lake Surface Area Coverage

2.4m – 7.9m


4.3m – 7.9m


5.8m – 12.2m



The set lake aeration system can be modified to suit larger or shallower water bodies with the introduction of a second 4 dome air diffuser manifold. An aeration system featuring 2 diffuser manifolds will be suitable for the following lakes/depths.  

Diffused Lake Aerating System (with additional 4 dome diffuser manifold)

Diffuser Submersion Depth

Maximum Lake Surface Area Coverage

1.2m – 2.1m


2.4m – 4.3m


4.3m – 12.2m



The introduction of a third air diffuser manifold will increase the systems capability still, making this system more effective for larger lakes when the diffusers are submerged in shallower water. A system featuring 3 air diffuser manifolds will suit a body of water up to 12,140m² with the diffusers installed in as little as 2.4m depth of water.

Diffused Lake Aerating System (with 2 additional 4 dome diffuser manifolds)

Diffuser Submersion Depth

Maximum Lake Surface Area Coverage

2.4m – 4.3m



For lakes exceeding 12,140m², a second air compressor/diffuser system can be introduced to increase the dissolved oxygen input. For more information on aeration specification of larger water bodies, contact us by telephone or email for expert advice.




Diffused Lake Aeration System

  • £3,672.00 inc. VAT

    £3,060.00 exc. VAT

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