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  • Lotus Biological Pool Filter System

  • The Lotus biological filtration system offers a fully safe and clear pool water without the use of aggressive chemicals and treatment.  The fully assembled kit is constructed on a Polypropelene rot-proof pallet and enclosed in a douglas fir shed which can be painted or treated.

    The Lotus filter system is compiled of a self-priming pump, polyvortex for particle extraction, bead filter for biological breakdown and a AS-Synergy UV steriliser.  With proper water management this equipment provides safe swimming pool water up to international standards.

    The polyvortex is the first stage of filtration, this item removes particles to a size of >30 micron. Particle free water then enters the pressurised bead filter for biological breakdown to remove waste products such as ammonia and nitrite. The biologically and mechanically cleaned pool water lastly enters a UV steriliser unit for its final stage of treatment before returning to the pool, the UV steriliser destroys bacteria, fungus and pathogens ensuring the water is fully safe.

    The Lotus biological filter system is available in various models and can be custom made for any size pool, if your pool size isn’t listed below please contact us for more information.

    • No disinfectant chemicals needed.
    • Can be Retro Fitted to pre-existing setups.
    • No chemical smells or chemical corrosion.
    • Can accept pool heaters etc.
    • Simple to install.
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