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  • Oase SprayBond 500ml

  • Contact adhesive spray for bonding pond liners to almost any surface. The adhesive spray is fast setting and is most effective at adhering pond liners to masonry, wood and metal.  Ideal for use as an installation aid when laying liner on steep pond walls to prevent the liner from slipping. 

    For correct application spray both surfaces which are to be adhered and allow 2-4 minutes for the adhesive to semi cure and become tacky. The two surfaces can then be placed against each other and pressure applied.

    • 500ml contents coverage: 7m2
    • Suitable for EPDM Pond Liners
    • Must be used on dry,dust and grease free surfaces
  • Quantity:

    £24.96 inc. VAT

    £20.80 exc. VAT

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