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  • OxyTex 1000 CWS Pond Aerator Set

  • A unique combination of aeration, circulation and settlement from Oase, the worlds leading manufacturer of Aquatic technology

    • Set includes OxyTex CWS and Aqua   Oxy 1000 Pond Aerator
    • Maximum Air Displacement of 1000 litres/hour
    • Pond Aerator suitable for ponds up to 10000 litres
    • Unique pond aerator system with large settlement area for beneficial friendly bacteria
    • Simultaneous oxygen supply, circulation and nutrient decomposition
    • Increases filter performance by up to 25%
    • Ideal supplement to the Oase Filtomatic CWS or any other pond filter
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  • Quantity:

    £220.80 inc. VAT

    £184.00 exc. VAT

The OxyTex CWS provides a unique combination of pond aeration, circulation and settlement surface.

Like all animals, fish absorb oxygen from their environment for respiration. When oxygen concentrations become low, anoxic (oxygen starvation) conditions may develop which can decrease the pond's ability to support life. Depending on how low the dissolved oxygen concentration is and how long it remains low, fish may eat less, convert food less efficiently and grow more slowly, be more susceptible to infectious diseases, or even suffocate and die. Dissolved oxygen (DO) is a major contributor to water quality. Not only do fish and other aquatic animals need oxygen, but so do aerobic bacteria that decompose organic matter (silt). By infusion of air into the bottom of the pond, rising air bubbles and water movement will raise bottom water to the surface, thus releasing toxic gases to the atmosphere. Natural bacteria are stimulated by aeration and they will feed on organic waste and nutrients that would otherwise support algae blooms. Using aeration and bacteria is a safe and sound form of pollution control. An OxyT   ex Aerator not only provides essential oxygen into the pond but its large settlement surface support vital friendly bacteria to combat blanket weed and algae bloom. The exceptional circulation capacity of an OxyTex adds considerable support to the pond filter system, improving performance by up to 25%. Its decorative, plant effect, design will make it a practical and attractive addition to your pond

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