• 14cm PondEdge Pond Rim 25m Roll

  • The OASE PondEdge pond rim lets you create pond edges as capillary barriers, as well as enclosures for flower beds or paving. Every 0.5 m simply drive a ground stake firmly into the ground and then fasten the pond edge on the ground stake via threaded union or staple gun. PondEdge is constructed from 100% non rotting recycled material and has a long service life.

    OASE offer a compatible Pack of 10 Ground Stakes for robustly securing the OASE PondEdge material.

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    £122.40 inc. VAT

    £102.00 exc. VAT

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Technical Info

Technical Info

OASE PondEdge Pond Rim & PondEdge Ground Spikes.

Pond Edge and Spikes Tech

14cm PondEdge Pond Rim 25m Roll

  • £122.40 inc. VAT

    £102.00 exc. VAT

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