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  • PondoSolar Floating Pond Aerator

  • Floating solar powered pond aerator set for small ornamental ponds and fish ponds. Ideal for introducing dissolved oxygen to pond water where there is no electrical supply. This solar air system is completely self contained, requires no wiring and is incredibly easy to install.

    The solar panel is built into the top of the unit and this is suspended at the water surface by the black plastic float. The integral solar air pump draws in air from the water surface. Air is pumped down a 500mm long flexible air hose to a single air stone underwater which produces rising oxygen bubbles.

    The Pontec PondoSolar aerator also features a built in battery which stores solar energy. The enables the aerator to be operated in the dark too, when there is no direct solar energy source from the sun and when oxygen levels in the pond are naturally at their lowest.

    Dissolved oxygen is important for all life in the pond and also helps to maintain water quality.

    The float measures approximately 26cm in diameter.

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  • 150 litre per hour, 6 volt air pump.
  • 1 watt solar panel.
  • 3.7 volt - 2000 mAH Li-Ionen battery.
  • 500mm flexible air line.
  • 260mm diameter buoyant plastic float.

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