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  • PondoStar LED Rocklight Set of 3

  • The PondoStar LED Rocklight Set consists of 3 warm white LED spotlights encased in natural looking decorative slate-grey faux rock.

    The PondoStar LED Rocklights are fully submersible and can be installed underwater in a garden pond, or elsewhere in the garden, such as in planting borders. The natural look of these LED spotlights ensure that these subtly blend into the outdoor surroundings without looking too out of place, where a more typical spotlight may stand out. Each LED is 1 Watt (3 Watts Total). The 3 LED Rocklights are wired in series and can be spaced up to 2 metres apart.

    • Transformer Cable Length:  2 Metres.
    • Cable Length from Transformer to First LED:  3 Metres.
    • Cable Length Between Each LED Rocklight:  2 Metres.
    • LED Power:  1 Watt Each,  3 Watts Total.
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    £89.40 inc. VAT

    £74.50 exc. VAT

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PondoStar LED Rocklight Set of 3

  • £89.40 inc. VAT

    £74.50 exc. VAT

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