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  • Profilux 370 LED 12V Underwater Spotlight

  • The top of the range Oase Profilux high performance spotlights combine state-of-the-art lighting technology with stylish and practical design. The Profilux 370 LED is a super bright 12 volt 10 watt LED underwater light constructed from high-quality stainless steel. This large spotlight is ideal for brilliant illumination of commercial fountains, ponds, lakes or larger private water features and fountains.

    The Profilux 370 LED is pre-fitted with a warm white LED platine featuring multiple individual LEDs, adjustable stainless steel fixing bracket and is pre-wired with 1 metre of low voltage cable. Also supplied is a cable joiner/splitter box for connection to other spotlights or cables on the same circiut.

    The Stainless Steel Spotlight can be installed underwater or on dry land and features reverse polarity protection and an inbuilt temperature limiter to prevent overheating.

    The spot light requires connection to the Lunaqua 10 underwater transformer and up to 12 Profilux LED spotlights can be connected to a single transformer using the supplied power boxes. Each transformer outlet can support a maximum of 8 Profilux LED spotlights in sequence. 

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  • Other products you will need to complete your Profilux LED Lighting System

    Submersible Transformer - 150w max
    IP68 Transformer for Lunaqua 10 Lights

    £124.80 inc. VAT

    £104.00 exc. VAT

    IP68 Transformer for Lunaqua 10 - 20m Cable

    £135.00 inc. VAT

    £112.50 exc. VAT

  • The following items might also be of use to you

    Extension Cable
    Connection Cable 12 volt 7.5 metre

    £45.60 inc. VAT


    £38.00 exc. VAT



The Profilux 370 LED are a versatile range of large stainless steel spotlights for intense lighting of large fountains, water features, lakes and ponds.

You will require the following items to set up this lighting system:

1. Spotlights → 2. Underwater Transformer


Optional accessories you may require include:

1.  Additional Connecting Cable 2. Stainless Steel Spotlight Stand


The Profilux spotlights require connection to the UST 150 Submersible Transformer which can support up to 4 LED spotlights connected directly or 12 spotlights connected in a star configuration using the supplied power box cable joiner/splitters. Each transformer outlet can support up to 8 LED spotlights in a chain sequence. See installation examples below:



The Profilux LED are supplied with 1 metre of cable pre-wired and a power box cable joiner/splitter. The cables can be extended via this power box with the use of separate 7.5 metre connecting cables.

Both the pre-wired spotlight cable and the separate 7.5 metre connecting cable feature special watertight connections suitable for full and continuous submersion. These cables feature rubber gasket seals and the connectors screw together. The LED spotlight cable and/or the connecting cables are screwed directly into the transformer which is also fully submersible. See connection examples below:


The Profilux LED are supplied on stainless steel brackets and can be secured to a variety of different surfaces allowing the spotlight angle to be adjusted to focus on the intended illumination area. The LED spotlight can also be mounted on the separate Stainless Steel Spotlight Stand allowing the spotlight to free-stand without being secured. This type of mounting is ideal for installation in lined ponds/lakes and patios where ground securing is not an available option. See example of spotlight stand installation below:


This top of the range system is the ideal choice for larger private or commercial fountain, water feature or lake/large pond projects where high-end, high-performance, top quality stainless steel lighting products are the requirement.

If more information, specification or quotation is required, please call or email us at Water Garden Ltd.

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

Profilux 370 LED Spotlight - Technical Information

Spotlight Dimensions (Ø x H)160mm x 135mm
Voltage12V AC 50Hz
Power Consumption10 Watts
Light Intensity / Luminous Flux1800cd / 370lm
Beam Angle20º
Protection ClassIP 68 (Fully Submersible)
Dimming CapabilityNon-Dimmable
Cable Length1 Metre to Joiner/Splitter Box
Construction MaterialStainless Steel
Guarantee3 Years



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Performance Data

Performance Data

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Profilux 370 LED 12V Underwater Spotlight

  • £468.00 inc. VAT

    £390.00 exc. VAT

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