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  • ProMax MudDrain 11000 Drainage Pump

  • The OASE ProMax MudDrain 11000 is a powerful dirty water drainage pump for extraction of turbid and sedimented water on construction sites and for use in emptying ponds and water features.  The robust drainage pump can tackle solid waste particles up to 30mm (1 1/4") in diameter, shifting up to 11000 Litres/Hour and has a maximum vertical lift capability of up to 7 metres.  The MudDrain 11000 features a robust impeller, Stainless Steel housing and 1 1/2" BSP female threaded outlet for use with suitable flexible hose (ideally 1 1/2" internal diameter hose for maximum flow with minimal restriction).

    All OASE MudDrain pumps are supplied with an adjustable float switch and heavy duty carrying handle which also doubles as the level adjuster for the float switch.  Designed for intermittent running, the float switch will automatically switch the pump on and off when a specific water level is reached so the pump can be left submersed in a suitable sump ready for action, should a flood or emergency water extraction incident occur.

    • Max Flow:  11000 Litres/Hour.  
    • Max Head:  7.0 Metres.
    • Maximum Solids Handling:  Ø30mm.
    • Robust Cast Iron & Stainless Steel construction.
    • Adjustable Float Switch and robust carry handle.
    • 2 Year OASE Guarantee.
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ProMax MudDrain 11000 Drainage Pump Hose Connections

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ProMax MudDrain 11000 Drainage Pump

  • £146.40 inc. VAT

    £122.00 exc. VAT

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