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  • ProMax Pressure Well 6000 Irrigation Pump

  • The OASE ProMax Pressure Well 6000 Pump is specially designed for pumping water from deep fresh water wells but can also be installed in flat water tanks and reservoirs which can then be used for irrigation purposes.  The 6000 Litre/Hour multi-stage pump develops high pressure for substantial vertical lifts up to 57 metres (5.7 bar) and has a maximum immersion depth of 30 metres below water level if required.  

    The ProMax Pressure Well pump features an 8 stage impeller system to develop the high pressure yet can fit within the confines of a >ø100mm well pipe and is very quiet in operation.  The supplied multi-function stand can be used to mount the irrigation pump in a horizontal or vertical configuration and features an automated pressure switch sensor for activation on-demand, when irrigating the garden landscape.  Water Garden Ltd suggest the use of OASE 1" Heavy Duty flexible hose, rated at 6 bar.

    • High pressure / low flow multistage pump for garden irrigation via a well or reservoir.
    • Max Flow:  6000L/Hour.  Max Head:  57 metres (5.7 bar)
    • Rugged Stainless Steel casing construction.
    • Motor features thermal heat protection.
    • Supplied with 30 metres of 230v Mains Cable.
    • OASE 2 Year Guarantee.
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ProMax Pressure Well 6000 Irrigation Pump

  • £599.40 inc. VAT

    £499.50 exc. VAT

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