• Stainless Steel Sphere Water Feature - 750mm

  • The 750mm diameter stainless steel water sphere provides a stunning water feature for the pond or garden. This perfect sphere is constructed from high quality stainless steel and the shiny, mirror polished finish will reflect the surrounding landscape.

    When installed, a water sphere will produce a subtle boil of water at the top of the feature which then conforms into a gentle cascade down the shiny outer body the sphere, producing the soothing sound of trickling water.

    The 750mm stainless steel sphere features a precision drilled central hole with bottom pipe for connection to the supplied water feature pump, using a short length of flexible hose to make the connection. These attractive water features are very simple to install and maintain.

    Stainless steel spheres can be installed into ponds, or within a garden or patio landscape using a below ground reservoir to contain water. The Finia 1000 is an ideal reservoir selection for the 750mm sphere as this provides a convenient central recess for mounting spherical features.

    Spheres look particularly eye-catching when illuminated. The low energy LunAqua Classic LED set of 3 spotlights is ideal for providing gentle uplighting from different angles around the feature at night.

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  • £1,011.60 inc. VAT

    £843.00 exc. VAT

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The 750mm Stainless Steel Water Sphere kit consists of the following items:

*  750mm Stainless Steel Sphere with drilled hole and bottom entry connecting pipe.

*  Water feature pump with 10 metres of 230V main cable for connection to power supply.

*  Short length of flexible hose pipe for connecting the sphere to the water feature pump.

Other accessories that may be required:

*  Water feature reservoir if installed as an independent, self-contained feature in a garden or on a patio.

*  Submersible lighting kit if illumination is a requirement.

*  Weatherproof switch box control unit for easy access on/off control of pump and lights.

Stainless Steel Sphere Water Feature - 750mm

  • £1,011.60 inc. VAT

    £843.00 exc. VAT

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