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  • Trencher T400 Pump with Agitator

  • The Trencher T400 is well suited for evacuating silt and organic waste at the base of a pond or for use in dewatering applications in heavily silted water.

    The Trencher is ftted with an agitator to help liquidise the silt for pumping the sediment out of the pond or lake.

    • Supplied with 2"/50mm Hosetail for connection to a suitable flexible hose.
    • 7mm solids handling capability.
    • High abrasive resistant resin vortex impeller.
    • Double mechanical seal design.
    • Oil free, water cooled motor
    • Flow rates up to 12500 Litres/Hour (around 210 Litres/Minute).
    • Maximum Vertical lift of 12 metres (39ft).
    • 400 watts power consumption.
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Technical Info

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Trencher T400 Pump with Agitator

  • £486.00 inc. VAT

    £405.00 exc. VAT

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