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  • Pack of 2 Black expanding foam adhesive filler, designed for use around ponds, waterfall stonework, general exterior landscaping and waterscaping tasks.  Each 12oz Can will produce around 30 litres of foam.  Water Garden also offer the expanding foam in packs of 6 and 12 cans with further savings.

    • Ideal for directing water flow in streams and cascades
    • Seals holes and cavities in rockwork
    • Expanding black foam won't discolour and can be trimmed after application 
    • Superb adhesion with stone, rock, wood and most pond and landscaping materials
    • Can be used instead of mortar when building decorative rockwork
    • Blends naturally into the surroundings and shadows.
    • Supplied in 12oz (approx. 400ml) hand-held can with re-useable straw nozzle 
    • Completely fish and plant safe

    For larger landscaping projects, also see our 24oz Gun Grade Foam and the Gun Applicator.


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Each 12oz Can of Touch n Foam will produce approximately 30 litres of foam when fully expanded.


  • The foam is moisture curing so best results are obtained if the area of application is first sprayed with a water bottle.  This will help the foam to expand more and improve the adhesion qualities.
  • Always wear gloves when applying Touch n Foam adhesive as this is difficult to remove from skin or clothing.
  • The foam can be cut with a sharp knife once cured, if required.
  • Any residual wet adhesive can be easily removed using the optional Foam Cleaner.
  • Applying small stones or shingle to the filler during the expansion process will help to produce a more natural, decorative effect and the stones will adhere to the foam.
  • Touch n Foam Landscape can be used for general exterior filling applications such as filling holes in trees and roots to seal out unwanted garden pests.
  • With larger gaps and voids, layers of foam can be built up on top of one another.
  • Once cured, the expanding foam can be painted if needed.

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  • Excellent product and it has solved my problem.
    5 stars
  • Perfect solution to the leak in the pond. Love the fact that you can trim the excess when it has dried.
    5 stars
  • Tried one can used about half can
    5 stars
  • Great product, Good service
    5 stars
  • Perfect for the job
    5 stars
  • The product is excellent for sticking stone to stone, which we have found almost impossible.
    5 stars
  • Very good product...thank you, will use again
    5 stars

Waterfall Expanding Foam - 12oz Black

  • £33.60 inc. VAT

    £28.00 exc. VAT

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