Lakes & Large Ponds

For larger ponds, lakes, golf courses and commercial fountain projects, these videos help to display the OASE Pro-Jet Floating Fountain, OASE Air Flo LM Floating Lake Aerator and the versatile Otterbine 5-in-1 Floating Aerator Fountain.  Floating fountains not only produce a decorative display but will also assist in reducing algal growth and help circulate and oxygenate ottherwise stagnant water bodies.

  • ProJet Floating Fountain

    The 4KW Pro-Jet Floating Fountain from Oase with the Grand High Jet nozzle attached, spraying an impressive water-jet over 16 meters into the air.
  • Pro-Jet Floating Fountain

    OASE Pro-Jet Floating Lake Fountains. Producing large water displays and high water jets with 4 different fountain patterns available. Halogen and LED illumination optional.
  • AirFlo LM Lake Aerator

    Introducing the OASE Air Flo LM floating lake aerator fountain. Video contains live action fountain display with different nozzles and optional illumination.
  • Otterbine 5 in 1 Floating Lake Aerator

    The 5-in-1 is a floating unit designed to oxygenate and circulate water surface areas up to 0.5 acres (2000m2)