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Water Features

See Cascading Water Blades in action via the videos below.  OASE Rainbow Star Laminar Jumping Water Jets, Dancing Water Features, Feature Pools, solar & indoor water features can also be viewed at your leisure.

  • Diamond Jet Nozzle

    The Diamond Jet Nozzle creates a unique diamond-lattice effect using directed jets of water.
  • PondJet ECO Dancing Floating Fountain

    The PondJet Eco is a dancing water display from OASE. This floating fountain can be coupled with a variety of fountain nozzles and can also be illuminated.
  • Water Garden Spray Bar - 10 Outlets

    The Spray bar features 10 1" BSP outlets, and allows the creation of synchronized jet arrays or water arches.
  • Cascading Water Blade

    Stainless steel cascading water blades, build into walls and features to create clean, tranquil sheets of cascading water. Lengths vary from 300mm to 1500mm.
  • Water Cascades and Water Courses

    Live examples of water features created using stainless steel water blades and modular stainless steel rills with integral submersed lighting.
  • Jumping Water Jets

    Synchronised jumping, colour illuminated laminar water jets created using the OASE Rainbow Star Jumping Jet Set and Rainbow Star Add-on Set.
  • Dancing Water Entertainment

    Dancing water features from OASE. Water Trio and Water Quintet dynamic dancing illuminated water features and Water Jet Lightning twin rainbow LED water arches.
  • Oase Water Quintet Creative

    Flexible installation options for the OASE Dancing Water Quintet. Remove the housing and position the 5 pumps independently in any formation you desire.
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