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OASE Pond Filtration & Filter Sets

Pond Filters from OASE

Pond filters and pumps play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance in garden ponds and water features by removing debris and tackling algae growth. Water Garden specialise in German engineered OASE pond filters due to their proven reliability and market-leading technology. Fish pond filters cater for the extra demands placed on the water body due to the nutrients produced by the introduction of food and its consumption. Specialist OASE Koi pond filters are developed to handle and process far greater quantities of waste produced by the larger Koi Carp varieties, whilst maintaining crystal clear water quality.

How do pond filtration systems work?

OASE Pond filter systems generally consist of 3 components.  The solids-handling filter pump (usually submersed directly in the pond) will pass fish waste, suspended algae and debris via a flexible hose or rigid pipe.  The water is then passed through an Ultraviolet Clarifier (UVC) which causes microscopic algae (the cause of green water) to be killed and clumped together.  The 3rd and final component is the mechanical/biological filter.  The larger clumps of algae, fish waste and detritus and trapped in the mechanical stages of the filter box, usually by coarse filter foams.  The strained water then passes through the final biological stages of the pond filter, whereby beneficial ‘friendly’ bacteria which populate and breed on fine filter foams and other media, will gradually break down harmful nutrients.  The clean water is then returned to the source and recycled continuously.

Koi pond filters tend to be the most technically advanced systems, as the Koi Carp owner is looking to maintain crystal clear water quality so they can view the intricate markings of this sizable yet stunning fish variety.  Koi Carp are voracious eaters so it’s crucial that the filtration system can cope with any potentially uneaten fish food and the waste produced.  We base our selection of OASE Koi pond filters on the principle of no more than 2-3 Kilos of Koi per 1000 litres of water.

For those who wish to stock small fish varieties such as goldfish, Shubunkins, Orfe, Comet and Rudd but without the extra efforts involved in Koi keeping, OASE fish pond filters can be used which still maintain superb water quality, but are generally cheaper to purchase and more cost effective to run than more specialist Koi filtration systems.  OASE Fish pond filter selection is usually based on a stocking density of no more than 1kg per 1000 litres of water.

Ornamental ponds generally do not contain fish and are therefore under less stress, so more compact filtration systems can be used to maintain water clarity.  Decorative water features or ponds with fountains still require filtration to maintain the aesthetic appeal, as these often do not contain any nutrient absorbing plants.  Wildlife ponds may not require pond filters and pumps at all, as these are often heavily planted with oxygenating weed or plants and the owner has less concern over potential green water conditions caused by periodic algal bloom.

If you need any assistance in selecting the correct OASE pond filters please feel free to contact Water Garden and we will do our very best to assist.

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