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Commercial Pond Lighting

OASE ProfiLux commercial grade spotlights for intense underwater illumination of lakes and fountains.

OASE ProfiLux lights are high-performance, German-engineered LED lighting systems from the OASE Fountain Technology range. ProfiLux LED lights are built specifically for use in commercial fountain applications and public-access water features and fountains, but can also be used for large private projects as these are very easy to install and operate with no especially technical components required. Submersible commercial LED lighting is now available as entirely low voltage 24V, submersible LED lighting systems, with numerous lights run from a single underwater driver.

OASE LunAqua Power LED XL are an excellent, powerful all-around LED light which can be easily installed and used by private individuals and, with all of the performance of a commercial lighting system, provide a cost-effective alternative to high-grade stainless steel fixtures. These 15-watt units are available in 4 different styles, each offering a different beam angle and light spread, the flood versions being great for spread-lighting and the spotlights better suited to spotting particular features. 3000K warm white and 4000K cold white light temperatures are available to select from in all styles. These fixtures are submersible to 4 metres and come pre-wired with 5-metre power cables. The power driver used with this product is also submersible.

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