UV Clarifier Bulbs - Quality Replacement UV Bulbs for Pond Filters

Uv Clarifier Bulbs

Genuine Oase & Phillips ultraviolet lamps for Oase Vitronic & Bitron UV Clarifiers, Biosmart, Filtoclear, FiltoMatic, Biopress & Filtral pond filters.

Filter UVC Replacement Bulb Guide

 Compatible UV Bulb(s)
Filtral UVC 1500 Premium5w
Filtral UVC 3000 Premium9w
Filtral UVC 6000 Premium11w
Filtral UVC 9000 Premium13w
Filtral UVC 25007w
Filtral UVC 500011w
Filtral UVC 3000 (pre-2019)7w
Filtral UVC 6000 (pre-2019)9w
Filtral UVC 9000 (pre-2019)11w
BioPress 40007w
BioPress 60009w
BioPress 1000011w
BioPress Set 40007w
BioPress Set 60009w
BioPress Set 1000011w
FiltoClear 30009w
FiltoClear 600011w
FiltoClear 1100011w
FiltoClear 1200018w
FiltoClear 1500011w
FiltoClear 1600024w
FiltoClear 2000036w
FiltoClear 3000055w
FiltoClear Set 30009w
FiltoClear Set 600011w
FiltoClear Set 1200018w
FiltoClear Set 1600024w
FiltoClear Set 2000036w
FiltoClear Set 3000055w
BioSmart 7000 Filter9w
BioSmart 8000 Filter9w
BioSmart 14000 Filter11w
BioSmart Set 50007w
BioSmart Set 70009w
BioSmart Set 1400011w
BioSmart Set 1800018w
BioSmart Set 2400024w
BioSmart Set 3600036w
FiltoMatic 3000 CWS11w
FiltoMatic 6000 CWS18w
FiltoMatic 7000 CWS11w
FiltoMatic 14000 CWS24w
FiltoMatic 25000 CWS24w
FiltoMatic Set 7000 CWS11w
FiltoMatic Set 14000 CWS24w
FiltoMatic Set 25000 CWS24w


UVC Replacement Bulb Guide

 Compatible UV Bulb(s)
Vitronic 11 W11w
Vitronic 18 W18w
Vitronic 24 W24w
Vitronic 36 W36w
Vitronic 55 W55w
Bitron 9 UVC9w
Bitron 11 UVC11w
Bitron C 1818w
Bitron C 2424w
Bitron C 3636w
Bitron C 5555w
Bitron 72 C36w x 2
Bitron 110 C55w x 2
Bitron Eco 12060w x 2
Bitron Eco 18060w x 3
Bitron Eco 24060w x 4
Bitron Gravity 55W55w
Bitron Premium 60 W60w
Bitron Premium 120 W60w x 2
Bitron Premium 180 W60w x 3
ClearTronic UVC 7 W7w
ClearTronic UVC 9 W9w
ClearTronic UVC 11 W11w


Maintenance Tips: 
Never touch the UVC bulb glass with bare fingers, as moisture from your skin will reduce the light intensity and lifespan of the bulb. Always use gloves or a piece of clean cloth when handling ultraviolet bulbs. 
Change the UV bulb once a year to achieve the optimum performance from your Oase Vitronic or Bitron UV Clarifier.
Never look directly at a UV light. UV radiation is harmful to eyes and skin.
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