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  • All Water Garden flexible pond hoses are high quality with a smooth internal diameter to minimise flow losses.  The Black Medium Duty Hose is virtually smooth externally whilst the Green/Black Heavy Duty Hose is partially ribbed to support the reinforcement material. Our highest quality pond hoses ensure leak-free, uniform clamping with the use of flat hose clips.

    • Medium Duty Hose (Black) for submersed or above ground use.  Max Operating Pressure of 3 bar.
    • Heavy Duty Hose (Green/Black) can also be buried below ground if required. Max Pressure of 6 bar.
    • Hose is sold in 5 metre increments up to the maximum reel length e.g 5m, 10m, 15m etc.
    • All of our flexible pond hose is measured on the INSIDE diameter (i.e. 1 inch / 25mm INTERNAL Ø hose).

    Please Note: We do not sell light duty pond hose (sometimes known as Aquatic Hose) as the thin walls can become brittle over a short period of time and the prominent external spiral ribbing make it difficult to seal with hose clips.

    Stainless Steel Hose Clips - click here to view.

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Flexible Pond Hoses From Water Garden UK

  • Medium Duty Flexible Pond Hose.  Water Garden’s Black, smooth bore flexible hoses are designed for underwater or above ground installation.  Medium duty hose features a smooth internal diameter to minimise resistance to flow, which would otherwise affect pump performance.  It is recommended to avoid the use of ribbed hose (also known as aquatic hose) as this will cause friction losses which can dramatically reduce the expected output flow, meaning a larger pump may be needed to overcome the detrimental effect of the internal ribing.  Aquatic hose is also liable to split open due to the thin wall thickness, which can cause the pond to empty itself.  Our Medium Duty Flexible hose has maximum operating pressure of 3 bar (30 metres head).
  • Heavy Duty Flexible Pond Hose.  Oase’s Green/Black heavy duty hoses are ideal where the hose needs to be buried underground, but can also be used submersed or above ground.  Reinforced ribs still retain a smooth internal bore to reduce friction losses and can be secured using our Stainless Steel Hoseclips, as with the Medium Duty hose.  Our Heavy Duty Flexible Hose has a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar (60 metres head).

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  • Gareth Cutting
    Despite being medium weight, this is a very substantial hose and so much better than much than traditional hose.
    5 stars
  • Dr Barry D Vallance
    Just installed but looks very durable. Fits very easily over 2" hose tail connectors but is easily secured and watertight with jubilee clips. Much better than cheaper 'corrugated' hose which is more difficult
    5 stars
  • Jonathan Hounsome
    Great hose, flexible and seals well on fittings
    5 stars
  • Dr Stephen Newman
    Good value for money
    5 stars
  • Mark Yaxley
    Very good quality hose.
    5 stars
  • Sarah Gurdon
    Excellent service and advice. Hose is good quality and I am delighted
    5 stars
  • Mandy Harris
    Good and sturdy hose
    5 stars
  • David Bentick
    Excellent quality product, easy to install, tidy and very well made.
    5 stars
  • Micheal Wright
    No problems with this product did the job I purchased it for
    5 stars
  • Celia Sutton
    Andy thank you for Hose it was a great help
    5 stars
  • Robert Norburn
    I bought 5 meters of the smooth bore heavy duty pond pipe, from ordering to arriving took less than 24 hours !
    5 stars
  • Anonymous
    Excellent product. Much superior to the usual ones sold by most pond equipment suppliers.
    5 stars
  • Dennis James
    Very good service and product all working well Thank You
    5 stars
  • Rik Middleton
    An ideal product. Smooth, substantial and unkinkable.
    5 stars
  • Sidney Macmillan
    Good quality but far to rigid
    3 stars
  • Michael Kennedy
    Top quality hose so much better than others available. Very easy to get a nice watertight seal using good quality hose clips.
    5 stars
  • Keith Collins
    Service and delivery excellent. Hose , a great improvement on the one that had failed , easy to install, now operating in fine style. Many thanks
    5 stars
  • Jonathan Creber
    Both the standard and heavy duty hoses are superb. Both are smooth bore internally and take standard hose clips as not overly ribbed externally. Have tried cheaper and wasted my time and money. No hesitation in
    5 stars
  • Tim Warner
    Far superior to the products that failed before and lost thousands of litres of water, thank you for your recommendation.
    5 stars
  • Anonymous
    Ordered on a Wednesday delivered on a Thursday, much better quality hose
    5 stars

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  • £10.80 inc. VAT

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