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Fountain Pumps

Water Garden Ltd offer a wide selection of fountain pumps to provide decorative water displays in ponds, lakes and as garden water features.

The Fountain Pump Sets include a decorative nozzle and extendable riser pipe so are very easy to install.  For larger and deeper ponds and lakes, our comprehensive range of Floating Fountain Pumps are ideal as these float on the water surface and will move up and down with any water level changes which is commonplace in lake waters.  We cater for very small ponds with innovative products such as the OASE IceFree 4 Seasons and Mini Jet 3000 but much larger systems are available for lakes and offer aeration benefits whilst providing highly attractive, eye-catching features.  Aerating fountains are primarily used to circulate and oxygenate water but as a bi-product of their function, they will also look stunning.  Solar powered pump options are also available where mains power is not practical to install.


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