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Lake Equipment

Water Garden Ltd offer a wide variety of solutions for lakes such as aerators, filtration systems, surface skimmers and floating fountains.

Implementation of lake management equipment such as floating fountains and lake aeration systems will help to control excess nutrients, increase water circulation and surface movement, minimise thermal stratification (temperature layering), increase aeration and dissolved oxygen content, decrease algae growth, disrupt prolific duckweed and waterborne insect reproduction and / or provide an attractive display within the water body.  Influences such as location, age, sunlight exposure, physical form and design, water depth, surrounding lands, fish stocking, waterfowl and resident wildlife all play their part in affecting lake water quality. 

Many of these factors are difficult, impractical or impossible to control but nevertheless have dramatic effects over the water quality within the lake or pond.  Lakes and ponds which are neglected or poorly managed can transform from an Oligotrophic state ('new', generally low in excess nutrients) into a Eutrophic state ('old', with excessively high nutrient and algae populous) in a relatively short period.  Without adequate lake management and maintenance, once beautiful bodies of water which previously attracted wildlife now offer little or no physical or visual attraction to human and wildlife alike.

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