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Foam Jet Fountain Nozzles

Foaming jet aerating fountain nozzles. Champagne-style bubbling water jet fountains. Attractive, noisy, dynamic fountain displays that also aerate the water

Foaming Jet nozzles are generally featured in modern or contemporary water feature designs. They deliver a thick plume of dense bubbles which creates a gentle rolling impact upon return to the water's surface. A common design for these which has been used over the last 5 years is a long narrow open pool of water featuring foaming jets sited out evenly across the centre line to create symmetry.  These nozzles function by drawing in air through a venturi opening at the top of the nozzle. This air is drawn into the body of the nozzle and aggressively mixed with the water being pumped into it.  This high air to water ratio creates a frothy white water which erupts from the tip of the nozzle, comparable to an uncorked Champagne bottle.  The effect is resilient to wind and provides excellent aeration levels.  

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