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  • Box Welded Pond Liner

  • A Box Welded Liner is the name used for a custom, built-to-plan flexible pond liner.

    These liners are welded into a 3 dimensional shape with a floor, side walls and a top perimeter flange, rather than being supplied as a flat sheet. As well as box-shaped square and rectangular liners, these bespoke pond liners can also be supplied in other shapes, such as cylinders with a circular floor and L shapes. Depth variation can be achieved by incorporating steps or shelves into the plan. Box Welded Liners should only be used where a solid pond foundation has been constructed. This type of liner is not appropriate for lining soil dug holes. Box Welded Pond Liners are specified in EPDM Rubber as standard, with Butyl also available on request. These liners can be built using either 0.75mm thick, or 1.00mm thick lining material. The top perimeter flange is a standard 150mm, but can be made longer if required.

    Box Welded Liners are built to order, so lead times can vary. Typically, these can be supplied within 14 working days from order when being delivered to a UK mainland address. These liners are delivered folded and rolled up into compact parcels.

    Contact Us by email, telephone or through our contact form for a Box Welded Liner quotation.

    In order to provide a costing for shape-welded liners, we require the following information:

    • Box Welded Liner – Internal Length, Width and Depth Pond Measurements
    • Circular Welded Liner – Internal Diameter and Depth Pond Measurements.
    • L-Shaped Welded Liner – Drawing With All Internal Pond Measurements.
    • Welded Liners with Shelves/Steps – Drawing With All Internal Pond Measurements.
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Box Welded Pond Liner

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