Drum Set Filters - Complete Drum Filtration Sets for Sale

Drum Set Filters

Complete OASE Drum Filtration Sets specified based on pond water volume. Sets include ultraviolet clarifier, water pump, biological media, drum modules and aeration pump.

Drum Filtration Sets.

The 3 Stages of Modular Filtration Explained. 

Drum Filter (Filtration Stage 1)

The Drum Filter is the first stage or module of filtration. The rotary drum collects particle waste and organic solids, filtering out solid waste down to micron unit size, only allowing visibly clean water to pass through. The drum will rotate periodically, either at timed intervals set by the user, or automatically when soiling is detected by a water level change. As the drum rotates, it is cleaned at the top by a high pressure cleaning pump which sits at the base of the unit, spraying water onto the top of the drum through spray nozzles to dislodge waste intercepted in the sieve screens. Dislodged waste is directed into a collection trough and purged from the unit through a gravity initiated waste outlet on the front of the filter. This method of regular interval cleaning prevents organic waste from being able to decompose within the filter system and thus stops the release of unwanted nutrients and gases that lead to water quality and algae issues.

Biological Filter (Filtration Stage 2)

After mechanically cleaned water passes the drum, it enters the second stage biological filter, which is a stock of biological housing media with a large surface area to house a huge volume of bacteria cultures, Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter. These good bacteria tackle very harmful soluble, gaseous waste products, Ammonia and Nitrite, consuming these and converting to Nitrate; a virtually harmless byproduct. The BioTec Premium bio-media comes in the form of large perforated sponges in 3 grades, ranging from coarse, through medium, to fine grade, which provides a large settlement area for cultures to propagate. The ProfiClear filters use a free-moving particle media, the ultra-efficient Hel-X 13 media for biological waste breakdown. Each piece of Hel-X 13 has a huge surface area by design, to maximise the amount of good bacteria a filter system can support. The bio-media is kept in constant circulation by pumping air into the biological chamber of the filter via an external air pump and an air distribution bar in the base of the filter. This process enriches the filter media with dissolved oxygen, allowing the aerobic bacteria cultures living within the media to breakdown ammonia and nitrite in the water.

End Chamber (Filtration Stage 3)

Larger systems that consist of more than a single filter module feature an end or ‘individual’ module which completes the system. The end module is effectively the filter outlet and sets the correct water level in the filter system. The end module can also be used for further nutrient filtration, by populating the large filter baskets with an organic nutrient binding media to take up Nitrate or Phosphorus, such as Zeolite, Lava Rock or Phosphate Binding ‘PhosLess’ media. In the case of the systems 400000, 800000 and 1200000 which contain the ProfiClear XL systems, the end, discharge module comes pre-populated with OASE ‘Clear Wave’ media which is designed for organic compound filtration to prevent floating foam generating on the pond surface by tacking dissolved organic compounds. Nutrients and compounds in the water are not harmful, but an abundance of nutrients can cause algae growth or foaming. The ProfiClear Premium L individual module can also be used to house additional gravity fed UVC.





ProfiClear Premium L Drum Filter (Pump Fed)



ProfiClear Premium L Moving Bed Module



ProfiClear Premium L Individual Module

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