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Pond Pump Spares

Genuine OASE spare parts for a wide range of pond and fountain pumps including spare Impellers and accessories for OASE AquaMax Pumps.

If and when a pump fails, most people naturally assume that the impeller is the cause of the fault and rush out to buy a new one.  However, this may not be the case and may not resolve the fundamental problem.  There are a number of things to check before changing a rotor.  If a fuse has tripped, check this and replace it, then retest.  Check the entire length of electrical cable, inspecting for any nicks, cuts or bite marks.  Rodents can’t resist chewing the warm rubber cable and this is a common cause of a pump fault.  Check the inside of the pump for any build-up of debris and clear this.  Is the impeller free to rotate by hand?  If not, you may have a build-up of limescale which can be resolved by immersing the pump in a bucket of OASE PumpClean or descaler.  If you need help in problem-solving your pump issue, email or call us for expert advice.

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