Garden Water Features - Decorative Water Features for Gardens

Garden Water Features

Water Garden offer a huge selection of garden water features and decorative fountains for your garden and pond in a wide variety of materials.

There are many varieties of water feature on the market, which makes choosing the right one for you somewhat of a daunting task.  The first thing to consider is size.  Plan out the site you wish the feature to be installed in. The water feature or fountain should be suitably sized to the amount of space available; ideally the larger the free space available, the larger the feature should be to match the scale.  Secondly, the material it is constructed from needs to be considered.  The last part is all down to personal taste and trying to remain in keeping with the style of your garden.

Can’t find the style of feature you are looking for or would like something truly unique?  Water Garden can produce high-quality features from stone, glass, steel and copper from your own inspirations and design.  We have produced a number of bespoke water walls, water reservoirs and decorative rills to fit unusual dimensions which ‘off the shelf’ products can’t provide a solution for.  If you are considering a bespoke Koi pond, swimming pond or a grand fountain display, take a look at our Construction & Installation page which details several examples and will help us match your desires and requirements to the required technology and a localised professional installer to complete the works for you.  Feel free to email or call us for assistance and guidance.

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