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  • Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM

    • Float design is ideal for large ponds and lakes with significant water level fluctuations
    • Float design offers easy relocation to problem areas, supplied with pondside anchoring kit
    • Collects floating surface debris from lakes and large ponds up to 250m² (2690 sq. ft)
    • 520mm (20+ inches) wide skimmer flap collects large quantity of floating debris
    • Easy maintenance due to removable 27 litre (6 gallons) stainless steel debris collection basket
    • Integrated 15000 litre per hour (56 gpm) pump produces powerful water flow conditions
    • Ideal for preventing ice formation through constant water movement
    • Guaranteed for 2 years
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Debris such as leaves, pollen and dust particles can create water quality issues in pond and lakes. The debris will eventually sink the to the lake bottom where this will decompose and affect the biological equilibrium.

Ideally, removing the debris before this presents a problem is the ideal scenario. The OASE Skimmer 250 LM Floating Lake Skimmer will assist in collecting this surface debris but will also increase water circulation in problematic, shallower zones within the lake.

The OASE Skimmer 250 LM is a high performance floating lake skimmer that will keep up to 250 m² (2690 ft²) of surface water clear of floating debris. It is particularly suitable for ponds and lakes where there are significant fluctuations in the water level, and is also easy to move to areas with a build-up of floating debris (e.g. leaves or duckweed).

Pollutants are removed via a 52 cm (20 inch) wide skimmer flap into an easy to remove, stainless steel collection basket for convenient disposal. The integrated, energy efficient pump discharges below water into the pond, aiding water circulation.

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Technical Info

Technical Info

Technical details for the OASE Floating Lake Skimmer 250LM

Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM

250 LM


Floating Lake Skimmer 250LM
Dimensions (L x W x H) :
775 (30.5") x 400 (15.7") x 590mm (23.2")
230V / 50Hz
Cable length
10 metres (32.8 ft)
Power Consumption 
250 watt (1/6 H.P.)
Turnover rate per hour
15000 litres (56 gpm)
Skimmer opening width
520mm (20.4")
Skimmer basket volume
27 litres (6 gallons)
Minimum water depth
650mm (25.6")
Suitable for ponds volume max.
250m³ (55500 gallons)
2 years
Part No.


Stainless steel rope anchoring system included

27 litre (6 gallon) stainless steel, removable pollutant basket
Stainless steel rope anchoring system is included
27 litre (6 gallon) stainless steel, removable pollutant basket


Skimmer 250 LM dimensions


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Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM

  • £2,454.99 inc. VAT

    £2,045.83 exc. VAT

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