Water Garden Trusted Brands for Quality Pond & Garden Products

Water Garden UK have carefully chosen the best manufacturers and suppliers of aquatic and water feature equipment suitable for garden ponds, lakes and for residential and commercial applications. We have selected supplies that are of hard-wearing and reliable quality that will provide long trouble free operation whilst achieving excellent value for money; from suppliers that have the facilities and capability to provide dependable back up service in support of their products.

Furthermore we supply the latest cutting-edge products, be it the latest materials technology such as Gordon Low’s SealEco Greenseal EPDM synthetic rubber pond liners; Oase’s innovative Proficlear Premium Rotating Drum Koi pond filter; brilliant low energy plug and play LED lighting technology for pond or garden or inventive and effective Lake Management fountains, aerators and skimmers which will eradicate algal bloom and stagnant water and achieve a balanced eco system.

We also strive to offer a complete one shop service with pond maintenance and fish care products such as pond vacuums, water and fish treatments and fish food and a complete range of electrical and mechanical equipment such as weatherproof switch boxes, cable and connectors, top quality pond hose and a wide range of valves, flow distributors and threaded pipe fittings.

Our customers include home gardeners, landscapers, garden designers and architects and we aim to provide you with quality products and the very best technical knowledge and customer service.

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