Water Blades - Beautifully Designed Waterfall Blade Features

Water Blades

Ingenious stainless steel water blades include internal baffles to create a fascinating, dynamic sheet of water in pond and water features. 300mm -1500mm.

Water Blade Installation Quick-Guide.

1. Ensure your wall is level and straight and is built appropriately to accommodate your waterblade.  Common installation methods include mounting the blade on top of the wall, within the wall in a cavity or inside a channel cut to fit your chosen size of waterblade.  You may also want to clad or tile the front of the wall and in doing this you will need to take into account depth of the material you will be using as the lip of the water blade needs to sit proud of any tiling or cladding to prevent the flow of water running down the face of the wall or being interrupted.  We suggest a minimum lip overhang of 30mm or greater.

2. Water blades are available in a variety of widths and 2 lip lengths (Standard - 60mm | Extended - 120mm) make sure after selecting the correct width and variation of blade for your wall you plan where the flexible hoses and fittings will be routed and where the flow from the water blade will land within the reservoir.  Our water blades feature dual entry points for hose connections, therefore you can choose whether to install the blade using the bottom or rear connection points.

3. Place your reservoir at the base of the wall, make sure the reservoir is large enough to accomodate the full width of your waterblade plus an extra 10cm or greater of width to minimise water loss due to splashing.

4. Connect a hose tail to the outlet of your pump and attach the 1" hose using a hose clip. Route the flexible hose up the wall and insert the Flow Control Valve in-line between the pump and the water blade. Connect the hose from the pump into the bottom or rear of the water blade with a 1" hosetail (using the included 90 degree hose joiner if needed) then plug up the entry point not being used.

If you would like more information on the installation of water blade features please refer to our Water Blade Installation Guide where you can find all the information you should need to fit your own feature.


Water Blade Installation Infographic


Waterblade Installation Infographic 2

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