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  • Lake Liner Protective Underlay

  • It's important to safeguard your flexible Lake Liner with the use of a puncture resistant underliner.  Water Garden only offer Bonar Yarns UHD Underlay as this is a high grade material with a minimum density of 250 g/m².  Lower grade materials are not a sound, long term investment and offer sub-standard protection of the pond liner.

    UHD Underlay should be laid on the base and sides of the newly constructed lake before the liner is fitted.  On very flinty soil, we suggest removing any obvious stones and then covering the lake base with 2 inches of sand before the underlay is fitted.

    To work out how much protective underlay you require, we suggest matching the same square meterage as your pond liner.  For example, if your liner measures 30m x 30m (total 900m2), then select 900m2 of underlay using the drop-down tool below.

    View our EPDM Lake Liners here.

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    £540.00 inc. VAT

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Lake Liner Protective Underlay

  • £540.00 inc. VAT

    £450.00 exc. VAT

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