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Pondless Fountain Kits

Our Pond-Less Fountain Sets are designed to be adaptable and space efficient. Made to be customizable with our wide range of fountain nozzles and lighting sets.



The above selection of pondless fountain kits are just a taster of what can be achieved.  Water Garden can create a range of customised fountains using our full range of Decorative Fountain Nozzles, impressive Spray Rings and our exclusive Fountain Spray Bars.  For larger water displays we are able to utilise pumps which offer dancing water capabilities to create wonderful, dynamic effects, all without the need to construct an open water reservoir or pond.  Our dancing fountain pumps can be controlled by your mobile phone or tablet and Illumination of the water displays can also be controlled in the same way.

Our services are not just limited to pondless fountains – we can also help you create pond-less waterfalls, streams and cascades without the concerns over child safety which open water may present.  The possibilities are virtually endless, so get in touch with our team of experts to help you create the fountain or feature you’ve been dreaming of.


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