1/2" BSPF Bubbler Light Riser Kit
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  • 1/2" BSPF Bubbler Light Riser Kit

  • The Bubbler Light Riser Kit allows a water feature bubbler with 25mm hose tail connector to be attached directly to a water feature pump with 1/2" BSP male threaded outlet. This allows a bubbler to stand independantly in a pond, rill or open water feature situation where flexible hose connection is not possible.

    The kit is supplied with a rigid 90mm long riser with 1/2" BSP female thread for connection to a suitable pump, and a sliding rubber sleeve which will accept a 25mm hose tail connector. This arrangement is ideal for modifying fountain bubblers which are supplied with only flexible hose connection, to free-standing bubbling fountains in open water.

  • Quantity:

    £18.00 inc. VAT

    £15.00 exc. VAT

1/2" BSPF Bubbler Light Riser Kit Reviews

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