Pond Guardian Toic Salt | Treats up to 9000 Litres
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    • Pond Guardian Tonic Salt - 9kg treats 9000 Litres

    • Pond Guardian Tonic Salt is a PH buffer which improves water quality and guards against potentially damaging swings in PH levels.  The unique balanced formulation of essential physiological salts helps fish to maintain a stable internal salt and fluid balance, which promotes fish health all year round.  Tonic Salt will also help to minimise stress in fish and acts as a supportive treatment when treating disease.

      • Also reduces the toxicity of nitrite, and toxic fish waste that can build up in the pond.
      • Guardian Pond Salt can be used for rinsing and recharging Zeolite Filter Media.
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    • Quantity:

      £43.20 inc. VAT

      £36.00 exc. VAT

    9Kg Bag is suitable for treating up to 9000 Litres (2000 Gallons) of pond water.

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