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biOrb - Lifestyle Aquariums

biOrb Lifestyle Aquariums make great decorative aquariums in any surrounding. biOrb have been developing their tanks for over a decade to ensure the filtration cycle is as full and efficient as possible. The aquariums are very easy to clean and maintain, making these perfect for the busy householder. Combined with our Decoration Packs, biOrbs can create a stunning aquascape within your own home.

biOrb Lifestyle Aquariums

A Stunning Indoor Aquascape

biOrb aquariums have been developed to suit a variety of indoor applications, not only are they great for keeping fish they also make a stunning modern-look decoration piece.  Combined with our Decoration Packs a variety of colour schemes and effects can be achieved.  Each decoration pack includes a Centre Piece Ornament which has been originally hand crafted by the sculptor Samuel Baker.  All Centre Piece Ornaments are then cast from the original to ensure the fine details are kept.

biOrb Aquariums - Made from Acrylic

biOrb produce each aquarium from acrylic, acrylic is a transparent plastic with impressive properties.

Commonly used as Airplane Windscreens, Bullet-Resistant Glass, and Submarine Domes.  Acrylic is an ultra strong, transparent material with properties similar but greater than glass.  Acrylic has been rated as 93% transparent, making it the clearest material currently known.  Alongside its transparency its durability is incredibly impressive and offers shatter-proof properties.  Unlike glass, surface scratches in acrylic can easily be removed and rebuffed to a new condition using a special polish which we include in all of our Service Kits

What fish can I keep in my biOrb?

biOrb aquariums are generally fairly small tanks ranging from 15 - 30 litres, with this in mind you need to be careful about what fish or crustaceans you purchase to place in them. Some fish when first purchased appear to be small but quickly grow and can become too large. For example Torpedo Barbs and Bala Sharks when first purchased can be around an inch or so and appear suitable, however within a few months they can quickly outgrow the tank and will eventually become 6" or more. Water Garden recommends species such as Neon Tetras, Siamese Fighting Fish and white cloud Mountain Minnows.

Crustaceans are great for keeping in biOrbs and Neocaridina (cherry shrimp) can provide vivid colours to suit different decoration schemes within the aquarium.