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OASE Spare Parts

Oase spare parts for pond pumps, pond filters, aerators, pond vacuum cleaners and pond skimmers. Parts include foams, impellers, UV lamps and nozzles.

OASE spare parts are not cheap to purchase, so it’s very tempting to choose Chinese or non-branded replica products, particularly with replacement UV Clarifier bulbs and pond filter foams.  Numerous companies offer replica products at much-reduced costs but there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing these.  Do these spare parts offer exactly the same performance as genuine OASE spares?  It is highly unlikely as OASE have spent a significant amount of money on research and development over several decades to produce the optimum grade components, to ensure long-term performance.  In the case of filter foams, these are not coloured bathroom sponges – in fact, they are designed to exacting standards to allow maximum water flow-through and biological activity.  Using non-standard replica filter foams will not only result in poor filtration performance but will also invalidate OASE’s Clear Water Guarantee for this reason.

Replica UV bulbs are also flooding the market and we receive numerous calls from new and old customers who are having issues with green water, even though their UV bulb has been changed very recently.  Again, the reasons for poor performance are due to poor quality product.  Some ‘UV’ bulbs have absolutely no germicidal benefit whatsoever and simply glow blue.  Whilst these are much cheaper than genuine OASE bulbs, they result in little or no algae removal or flocculation or have a drastically reduced service life.  To conclude; OASE spare parts are designed to exacting standards and what appears to be the same, is very often NOT the same.  Always use genuine spare parts or you are likely to end up with issues far greater and more costly than the savings initially gained.



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