EVO 56 Booster Solar Panel
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  • EVO 56 Booster Solar Panel

  • The EVO Booster Solar Panel upgrade for the Evo36 & Evo56 adds an additional 2.5w of solar panel power to the Evo Next Generation Solar Security Light.
    The Evo Booster Solar Panel adds 2.5w of power to the existing solar panel that comes with the Evo. While the Evo's are designed to work all year round without needing an upgrade panel, the Evo Booster Solar Panel may be necessary for customers who need to position the Evo’s in less solar friendly locations (such as North facing gardens etc).
    The Evo Booster Solar Panel is also strongly recommended for commercial applications or where consistently heavy winter usage is anticipated.

    Connecting the Booster Solar Panel is very easy; simply plug it in to the spare socket on the back of the Evo36 or EVO56 Security Light.

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    £18.00 inc. VAT

    £15.00 exc. VAT

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