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  • Nitrate Filter Medium: 5000ml, approx 2.5kgs

    • Nitrate Filter Medium from Velda has a number of striking properties, which makes it exceptionally suitable as filter medium for pond water.
    • It is made from glass-ceramic material, over 60% of which consists of very fine pores. The anaerobic bacteria that populate these micro pores absorb the nitrite and nitrate present within the pond.
    • The total effective surface area for bacterial population is over 1,500 m²
    • Owing to the hexagonal tunnel structure the Nitrate Filter Medium will always provide significant high oxygen zones for aerobic bacteria.
    • There are also zones with lack of oxygen, so anaerobic bacteria can also develop..
    • Nitrate Filter Medium can be used efficiently and protractedly in both pressure filters and in biologically active filters; fine mesh filter bag supplied.
    • 2.5kg is sufficient for a 5000 litre pond without fish, 2500 litre goldfish pond, 1250 litres Koi pond.
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Nitrate Filter Medium: 5000ml, approx 2.5kgs Reviews

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