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Water Features & Displays

Huge selection of garden water features, water blade cascades, pondless features and dancing fountains to suit all budgets and tastes.

Our cascading water blades have proved very popular with architects, landscapers and private customers alike due to the aesthetic appeal of the falling sheet of tranquilised water.  The blade can be built into a new or existing wall and will look stunning, particularly when illuminated.  To add an extra dynamic, our dancing water features provide a dynamic water display which is incredibly eye-catching.  We can also tailor a combination of features to fit the available space and create bespoke features.  The larger dancing pumps can also be connected to a smartphone controller if desired – just enquire for more details and assistance.

Pondless water features are also becoming a popular option for those looking for a water display but do not wish for an open pond due to maintenance and/or child safety concerns.  Water Garden offer a range of packaged sets for pondless installation but these are just a snapshot of what can be produced.  Our team of experts can configure an almost limitless combination of pumps and jet nozzle combinations to create a real wow factor.  In addition to our selection of water features, we can also suggest a range of warm white or colour changing LED lights to suit your preferences.



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