Water Feature Designs - Wide Range of Water Fountain Design Solutions

Water Feature Designs

We offer a range of garden water features in copper, real stone, rainbow sandstone and robust Poly-Stone, many for indoor and outdoor use

Water Garden Ltd offer a wide range of superb real stone water features, cast stone fountains and decorative cascades. Many of these high-quality fountains are self-contained and therefore recirculate the water without the need for a mains water connection. This allows the stone feature to be placed virtually anywhere within the garden, patio or even for use as an indoor attraction such as a lobby or conservatory. Please note that many of our real stone fountains and water features are produced from a unique piece of natural stone and will, therefore, differ slightly from the images shown.

Radial Water Sculptures are a stunning way of enhancing your outdoor living space by adding the soothing sounds of water movement. These hand-crafted water features can act as a eye-catching centrepiece on a patio, garden landscape or courtyard. Each piece has been painstakingly designed and sculpted to enhance the natural Ebb & Flow of water movement, thus creating pulsing wavelets and spiralling motions.

Copper water sculptures can be installed in a pond or fitted to a water reservoir in the garden or patio to provide a highly attractive, soothing water feature. The Copper Weeping Willow sculptures are hand crafted and water gently cascades from each individual leaf on each branch, creating the gentle sound of summer rain. The Copper Willow Tree can be mounted in a pond (without fish) to add a stunning yet delicate water display or can be mounted onto one of our underground reservoirs and steel grids for a pondless water display.  All Copper Water Features are supplied with pump and 10 metres of cable.




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