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  • 900mm Stainless Steel Water Blade

  • 900mm wide stainless steel water blades produce stunning waterfall cascades when pressurised water is pumped through the internal baffle plates, creating a tranquilised water cascade across the entire width of the blade lip.

    Water blades can be built into new walls, or mounted on flat vertical surfaces such as existing walls or railway sleepers. Featuring 1” BSP threaded connection points in the rear and the bottom, these units can be installed in a variety of ways to suit different requirements.

    The standard water blade features a lip measuring 50mm. The extended blade features a 125mm lip, ideal for extending reach, or disguising the blade deeper within the wall. Optional LED strip lights will mount within the especially situated slot to illuminate down the water cascade. See below for recommended pumps, hose connection kits, mounting brackets and multi-colour LED lights.

    We recommend the following pump for use with our 900mm Dual Entry Stainless Steel Water Blades:

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    Dual Entry Hose Connection - 50mm Lip£183.00
    Dual Entry Hose Connection - 130mm Lip£206.40
  • £183.00 inc. VAT

    £152.50 exc. VAT

  • Other products you will need to complete your cascading water feature

    Recommended Water Feature Pump for 900mm Water Blade
    ST15000 Water Feature Pump

    £189.99 inc. VAT

    £158.33 exc. VAT

    High Quality Pipe & Fittings Kit for 900mm Water Blade
    Hose & Fittings kit for 900mm Water Blade

    £38.40 inc. VAT

    £32.00 exc. VAT

    Coloured LED Lighting Option for 900mm Water Blades
    Colour Changing LED Pond Strip Light  View
    900mm Water Blade Mounting Bracket Option
    900mm Sheer Descent Mounting Bracket

    £62.10 inc. VAT

    £51.75 exc. VAT

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Choosing the Correct Stainless Steel Water Blade for Your Installation.

Water Blades with Dual Entry Hose Connections.

Water Blades with dual entry hose connections feature a centrally located inlet at the rear, and also another central inlet in the same position on the bottom of the water blade. This dual entry design allows the connecting flexible pipe to be attached from back of the blade or up from the bottom, depending on the most convenient position for pipe entry based on the intended installation method. This innovative design approach allows dual entry water blades to be installed in a variety of ways, such as being built into new walls, or mounted to the face of existing surfaces with the pipe entering via either point of inlet. There is a plug supplied with each dual entry water blade which can be screwed into the inlet not being used to plug this. As the blanking plug screws flush into the inlet with no protrusion this does not affect the lay or balance of the water blade in any installation scenario. Dual entry water blades also feature a slot especially designed to allow an LED strip light to be installed and secured within the body of the water blade.

Rear Entry Hose Connection.

Rear entry hose connection is the preferred method of pipe connection for the majority of water blade installations. This is because pipework is easier to hide when entering through the wall from the rear. Pipe connection from the rear is commonly the chosen method for supplying to water blades built into new walls as part of the fixed structure, as the flexible pipe can be hidden from view, entering the water blade through the back of the wall, leaving the water blade cascade lip as the only visible component. Rear entry pipe connection can also be achieved when mounting a water blade to an existing wall or surface by channelling the pipe through the wall and securing the water blade to the front face using a mounting bracket.

Bottom Entry Hose Connection.

Bottom entry hose connection is a more common practice when fixing a water blade onto an existing wall, in situations where the water blade cannot be incorporated into the original build and must therefore be secured to the front face of the wall using a mounting bracket. Bottom entry pipe connection is also done in instances where a single skin wall is constructed, as the wall face can be channelled out to accept the blade and hose.  The wall is then finished by applying a screed over the recessed blade box and pipework.

Standard Water Blade - 50mm Waterfall Lip.

A standard water blade features a spillway lip which protrudes 50mm from the main water blade box. When building a water blade into a wall, a standard water blade will allow for up to 50mm of protrusion from the wall, depending on how deep within the wall the water blade is housed. The same rule applies to a bottom entry water blade recessed into a single skinned wall. When mounted onto the outer face of an existing surface, the standard water blade will extend to around 125mm from the wall face, accounting for both the lip and the unit body.

Extended Water Blade - 125mm Waterfall Lip.

An extended water blade features a 125mm long spillway lip. This type of blade will offer extended protrusion from the wall face and can be used in instances where thicker building materials are used in construction. The extended water blade can be installed deeper within the wall allowing for a further layer of construction material to be built up in front of the main body of the blade to hide it, whilst still reaching far enough from the wall to allow the waterfall to cascade independent of the wall face.

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