Can you service my pond pump?

Can you service my pond pump?

Most pond pumps are sealed units so cannot be ‘serviced’ as such.  In some cases, specialist motor rewinding companies may be able to repair the motor but, this is often not feasible to achieve from a cost perspective and certainly does not guarantee a long service life.  Many motors are also ‘potted’ meaning they are encased in a protective resin which is not designed to be removed, eliminating the chances of accessing the copper coil etc.

As a general rule, the only consumable and replaceable component is the impeller (also known as a rotor) which is the part which spins round to push the water out of the pump.  We receive lots of calls from customers looking to replace their impeller but, we always express a word of caution in doing so. Very often, the impeller is not the actual cause of the issue (for example the pump has overheated/burnt out, causing the casing to swell and then mark or damage the impeller). Replacing the impeller will not resolve the issue in this case and a new pump is the only fix.

If you are having an issue with your pond pump, give us a call and we'll run through some basic checks which may resolve the problem.  Also see our FAQ 'My pond pump stopped working - what's wrong?' for more advice.

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