What is a floating fountain?

What is a floating fountain?

A floating fountain is a decorative water display which floats on the pond or lake water surface.  Generally, the submersible water pump is attached to a flotation ring and the surrounding water is then pumped up into the air through a fountain nozzle attachment, to create a decorative water pattern.

Floating fountains are usually used where the lake or pond is deep or too difficult to mount a traditional submersible pump on the pond floor.  If the pond water is very dirty, floating displays are ideal as the water will be pulled into the pump nearer the surface where this is generally cleaner than the floor of the pond, where sediment might otherwise block the pump housing.

One of the other uses for a floating fountain is where the water level may vary dramatically, which is often the case with lake waters.  The float will automatically rise or fall with the changes in water depth (as long as any tethering cables have sufficient slack).  It’s important to ensure there is sufficient water depth below the floating pump, otherwise this may ‘bottom-out’ on the pond floor, tip over and potentially burn out the electric motor within the pump.

There are a wide variety of Floating Fountains to cater for the smallest pond up to lakes of many acres.  Water Garden Ltd can help you select the most suitable fountain for your pond or lake, so feel free to contact us for expert advice.

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