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  • 1" BSP Female Flow Tranquilliser

  • The 1" BSP female threaded Flow Tranquilliser can be used to calm and evenly distribute pumped water flow in shallow ponds, reflection pools and water features.

    The Tranquilliser will prevent a sudden jet of water firing up on pump start-up and will also diffuse the water in all directions sideways, so that the water surface is as tranquil as possible before spilling over the bowl edge or when used in shallower reflection ponds and pools.

    This 1" BSPF Flow Tranquilliser is ideal for connection to the OASE Filtral 6000 and Filtral 9000 All-In-One Pond Filter, when submersed in shallower water to help diffuse and calm the outlet water flow, thus maintaining a more tranquil pond water surface.

    • Tranquilliser External Diameter:  100mm
    • Perforated Section Height:  28mm
    • Perforation sizes:  3mm x 3mm
    • Total Height:  48mm (including threaded spigot)
    • Material:  PLA / Stainless Steel
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1" BSP Female Flow Tranquilliser

  • £42.00 inc. VAT

    £35.00 exc. VAT

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