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  • Linea LED Extension (Warm White) - 2w

  • The Linea 100 LED Extension Set is a ‘plug & play’ add-on for the Linea 100 LED String Light. This extension can be connected directly to the terminating end on the Linea light string, extending the reach by a further 10 metres. It is possible to use up to 4 of these extension sets connected end-to-end, enabling lighting runs up to 50 metres long, consisting of up to 500 LED lamps to be connected and illuminated from the main Linea string light.

    The Linea Extension Set is 10 metres long and features 100 warm white LED lights situated at 10cm intervals along the length of the main cable. The connecting end features a plug & play connector which allows for attaching this to the main Linea string light. The terminating end features a Plug & Play connector which will allow another Linea extension to be added if required.

    This product must only be used in conjunction with the original Linea 100 LED String Light as it is this product that features the main 12V/DC driver required to convert power to the lighting system. The Linea Extension is also compatible with the entire range of plug & play cables and controllers. The optional addition of a 3 Way Cable Splitter would enable widespread branches of Linea extensions to be connected, ideal for tree lighting up the trunk and into the main branchlines.

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Linea 100 LED Extension Set Technical Details

Linea Extension Tech Details

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Linea LED Extension (Warm White) - 2w

  • £25.20 inc. VAT

    £21.00 exc. VAT

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