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OASE (pronounced 'Oh-Ar-Zer') have been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge products for ponds and lakes for over six decades, making them the world’s leading manufacturer of aquatic equipment.  OASE invest significant time and commitment to research and development, which consistently produces the most innovative and energy efficient products. Their devotion to quality is unparalleled and that is why Water Garden UK are proud to name OASE as our preferred principal supplier.

When selecting a pond filter, ultraviolet clarifier and pump set there are many variables such as location, water volume, water quality, pond depth, fish stocking density and plant density that will determine the optimum selection of the correct combination of equipment.  In the UK there are a host of different manufacturers and suppliers offering numerous (good and bad) options for the aspiring pond keeper/designer. Inevitably and unfortunately many will be disappointed with their purchases and the end result. When Water Garden Ltd was formed in 1999, we decided to make the selection process as simple and reliable as possible by selecting only OASE as the single best manufacturer of pond filtration, UVC and pump systems and matched this equipment with our deep technical knowledge and experience.

Technologically advanced products like Aquamax ECO Premium filter pumps; Filtoclear Pressurised, Biotec Screenmatic or Proficlear Premium Koi pond filters; Bitron ECO UVC’s and Lunaqua LED lighting systems offer the discerning water gardener the very best aquatic solutions.

Water Garden stock one of the largest and most comprehensive range of OASE products and spares in the UK and are proud to be an official OASE 5 Star Retailer.

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