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  • The OASE AquaOxy 2000 Pond Aerator is ideal for adding vital oxygen in ponds up to 20,000 Litres (approx. 4440 Gallons).  Two special Air Stones are supplied which can be submersed in the pond, causing columns of air bubbles to rise, diffusing oxygen and helping to circulate the water. 

    • Pond Aerator suitable for ponds of up to 20000 litres
    • Max. air displacement of 2000 l/hr via valved regulated outputs
    • Supplied with 2 air stones each including 5 metres of air hose
    • Robust, quiet fully weatherproof enclosure complete with 5 metres of cable
    • Simple and convenient in operation
    • Non return valves enable operation below the water surface.
    • Guaranteed for 2 years
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Oxygen plays a crucial role in biological regeneration by breaking down nutrients in water. Many of the problems associated with artificial ponds and lakes, such as algae infestation, silt or odour nuisance can be attributed to oxygen deficiency.

The OASE AquaOxy range of weatherproof, mains-powered pond aerators supply garden ponds of up to 20,000 litres with vital oxygen for optimum water quality, healthier fish and plants.

Tip: Plants produce oxygen during the day but absorb it after sunset; therefore the survival of all breathing organisms and especially fish is particularly endangered during this time, and especially just before dawn when the oxygen supply may be exhausted.

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  • Very good pump, powerful enough for almost any pond excellent quality as usual from Oase
    5 stars

Additional Information

Technical Info

Technical Info

OASE AquaOxy Pond Aerators: Technical Details

AquaOxy 50010002000
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)185 x 140 x 110220 x 225 x 135
Output Voltage230V / 50 Hz AC
12 V / 50 Hz AC
Input voltage
230 V / 50 Hz AC
Power Consumption8 Watts15 Watts25 Watts
Output Pressure in bar/metres0.2 bar / 2m0.2 bar / 2m0.25 bar / 2.5m
Air Displacement Quantity (litres/hour)50010002000
Max Pond volume (subject to immersion depth, see chart below) litres
Infinitely variable
Infinitely variable
Number of Outlets
Air Hose
2 x 5m
Air Stones
Cable Length3m5m5m
2 years


The air flow (litres per hour) depends on the immersion depth (metres) of the air stones

The values in the table below were measured with a total air hose length of 2 x 5 metres

Depth in metresAqua Oxy 500Aqua Oxy 1000 AquaOxy 2000
0.0 m500 l/h1000 l/h2000 l/hr
0.2 m475 l/h900 l/h1825 l/hr
0.4 m430 l/h800 l/h1650 l/hr
0.6 m400 l/h720 l/h1475 l/hr
0.8 m350 l/h650 l/h1300 l/hr
1.0 m300 l/h600 l/h1125 l/hr
1.2 m250 l/h550 l/h950 l/hr
1.4 m200 l/h500 l/h775 l/hr
1.6 m 450 l/h600 l/hr
1.8 m -425 l/hr


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AquaOxy 2000 Pond Aerator Pump

  • £184.80 inc. VAT


    £154.00 exc. VAT

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