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BRANN 1M Corten Steel Gas Fire Pit

  • £1,758.00 inc. VAT

    £1,465.00 exc. VAT

  • BRANN 1M Corten Steel Gas Fire Pit

  • The BRANN gas fire pit is an industrially designed all in one fire pit, featuring variable gas control, glass fire surround and ceramic heat resistant decorative logs.

    • Manufactured from industrial corten steel 3mm

    • Gas fired

    • CE Approved

    • Available in multiple sizes

    • Variable heat control

    • W 1.0m x D 0.8m x H 0.5m

    • Weight: 42Kg

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    £1,758.00 inc. VAT

    £1,465.00 exc. VAT

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Corten steel (COR-TEN; CORrosion Resistant – TENsile Strength) outdoor fires will arrive to you in an un-weathered or partially weathered state and will gradually produce an attractive protective carbon coating over time when exposed to outdoor conditions.  This protective ‘rust’ layer protects the material from further rusting but during rainy weather conditions, the release of carbon run-off could result in staining of materials below or close to the product.  It is therefore recommended to protect the surrounding materials to prevent staining and Water Garden Ltd accept no responsibility for any damages due to the run-off onto neighbouring materials.   

Water Garden can offer a protective Corten Varnish which can be used to seal the Corten Steel material once it has reach the desired level of carbon weathering.  This will greatly reduce the potential for further run-off.  We can also offer advice as to how you can ‘accelerate’ the weathering process of your new Corten Steel outdoor fire.

BRANN 1M Corten Steel Gas Fire Pit

  • £1,758.00 inc. VAT

    £1,465.00 exc. VAT

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